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The figure on the right shows a titration curve acquired using our autotitrator, the Titraumatic. There is a video demonstrating some features of the software below the figure.

The Titraumatic incorporates our syringe pump and a Vernier Instruments  pH probe.  Please note that we are in the process of updating our syringe pump design.  The autotitrator is controlled from your computer using a microntroller board and an open-source user interface.   We began developing this instrument to run titration demonstrations for our university level freshman chemistry class.  The titraumatic allows the instructor to run a pH titration while lecturing and to project the results for the class in real time.  In contrast to a typical end-point titration, presenting the entire titration curve can be used to introduce the students to the effects of added base (or acid) outside of the end point range.  That is, it can be used to teach about equilibrium, or buffers, or acid / base strengths. 

While the instrument is still under development, you can see from our initial results that the instrument shows promise. 

Hardware Requirements:

The circuit board layout for our syringe pump / auto titrator is compatible for use in our autotitrator with minimal modification.  In addition to a Brittish Telecommunications Analog (BTA) connector for the pH probe, the titrator circuit board incorporates a voltage regulator and connectors needed to control an automated valve.   If you wish to use your pump as an autotitrator, please contact us before ordering. 

In addition to our Syringe Pump, you will need a Vernier Instruments pH probe (see link on right for Vernier Instruments).  At the time I wrote this, the pH probe retailed for $80.  While it is entirely possible to run titrations with out the automatic valve, this feature allows the user to set up to automate the fill / dispense features.  The automated valve assembly uses a valve from Hamilton Co (costs ~$110), a servo (~$20) and some 3D printed hardware. 

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