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Syringe Pump

Our open-source syringe pump incorporates a microcontroller controlled stepper motor that turns a lead screw to push or pull the plunger  of a syringe.  

Syringe holders can be custom printed to fit syringes up to ~20 mL.  Files are available for you to custom print your own, or we can do that for you.  The pump comes with holders that fit 1, 3 and 10 mL Beckton-Dickinson plastic syringes.  

Updates are coming:

The photos on this page are for an earlier model which was based on 3D printed plastic parts (All black pieces in the photos).  We hope soon to offer more durable model made with aluminum (perhaps steel) supports.  The new model will incorporate a different type of linear rail (MGN12) that will simplify the building process.  It will offer a simpler means of changing syringes.  We also plan to incorporate an Arduino compatible microcontroller and will use a new motor driver (TMC2209) that will eliminate the need for end-stop switches.

Electronics and Software

Syringes are held by a separate fitting piece that can be easily changed.  To change the syringe, loosen the two screws on the front of the syringe mount and the four on the carriage and lift the syringe and syringe holder from the pump.    

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