Measuring reaction rates.


To the left is one of our Rapid mixing apparatus prototypes.  This apparatus is designed for measuring chemical or biochemical reaction kinetics.  The prototype drives two syringes that mix reactants which are introduced to a flow cell for spectral analysis.  We have built prototypes with one or two motors.   Prototypes use servo controlled valves to route solution from reservoir to syringes or from syringes to flow cell.


To the right is a photo showing an early Z-geometry flow cell.  Solution enters and leaves through standard 1/4" x 28  fittings.  UV-vis absorance is monitored using commercial fiber optic spectrometer and optics.




Fluorescence detection.


We are working to develop hardware for fluorescence detection in our kinetic measurements.  The photo to the lower right shows a 365 nm wavelenght UV LED and supporting electronics.  To the left of this is a photo demonstrating fluorescence of rhodium b using this LED as an ilumination source.





An optical reflector milled using a low cost CNC router.


To the right and left are photos documenting our efforts to mill optical reflectors from aluminum bar.  We built a low cost CNC router from a kit (C-Beam Machine, OpenBuilds) and wrote g-code to mill a parabolic reflector.  The reflector was rough cut from 1" x 3/4" aluminum bar using a 1/8" square end mill to give the photo on the right.  It was fine cut using a 1/4" ball end mill.  After milling, the reflective surface was wet sanded to 1000 grit and pollished with aluminum polish, giving the photo on the left.


This reflector will be used to focus light from our UV LED into our fluorescence cell.  It can be seen in the background of the photo demonstrating fluorescence (above left).