UV - vis Spectroscopy with the WheeTrometer
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Smoky Mountain Scientific is a non-profit organization with the mission of advancing science education by designing and making available low cost, open-source computer driven instruments.  The WheeTrometer project is our entry into UV, visible, and UV-vis spectroscopy.  The goal of this project is to make available the materials, expertise and software necessary for an educator or a student to build, use and modify the instrument.  Our goal is to provide the  highest possible quality spectrometer at the lowest possible price.

Hardware availability

To make a WheeTrometer Teensy, you will need a Teensy 4.0 development board (available here for $20), an optics kit, a WheeTrometer teensy shield, a TCD1304 CCD and our software. 

Stuff that we sell on this web site has limited availability.  We just do not have the cash to keep a lot of stock on the shelf.  We are also not interested in becoming a 3D printing outfit.  There are plenty of these out there and they will undoubtedly do a better job than we would.  The kit with the Teensy shield is not yet available. Once we are happy with our prototype we will have some fabricated and we will sell them on this web site.  If you wish to assemble a circuit board yourself, we will be happy to share our most recent design on OSHPark (or another manufacturer of your choice).  You could then have the pcb fabricated and sent to you.  If we have excess prototype boards and you contact us, we will be happy to supply them.


Software availability

     We are still working on the software.  Let me know if you would like to help.  Once we have the software refined to our liking, I will publish on our GitHub page.  Like any instrument, the WheeTrometer is comprised of hardware and software.  We make the optical and electronic hardware available through our store, but you will have to arrange to have the plastic parts (body, lid, optical mounts, etc.) fabricated.  Hardware available through the store includes the optical kit and the Teensy spectrometer electronics kit.  We will also have kits for attaching fiber optics, and kits for uv and visible lamps.  I have hardware for exactly three (3) uv lamps.  If you want one, let me know early.


     To build a WheeTrometer you will need a number of files.  These include stl files for 3d printing, ino files for firmware and pde files for the user interface. 

     The easiest way to get all the files is to download them from the WheeTrometer-Teensy Repository page on GitHub.  Clicking on the green "Code" button opens a dropdown where you can select "Download Zip" (figure below). 


    Once you have the files, 3d print the .stl files.  You can do this yourself or get a commercial source to do it for you.  You will notice that there are two files for "inner grating mount".  You only need one.  I think the one called mountB-1 was made cover the red and near IR while mountA-2 is for uv-vis (please let me know if I got that backwards).  The file called "tool" is used to hold the grating & its mounts so that you can press on it and don't get finger prints on the grating.


     Instructions for assembling the optical parts are in a video embedded in the optics page of this website.