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Spectroscopy User Interface
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A spectrometer is a complex instrument with a number of applications.  Since different users will want to process data differently, no one user interface configuration will be ideal for all users.  We have two user interfaces, one for general usage and the other for calibrating the spectrometer and writing parameters to non-volatile memory.  The general usage interface was written for solution phase absorbance spectroscopy. 

A brief Introduction video demonstrating a minimal user interface

This video introduces a minimal user interface that will connect to the Teensy based WheeTrometer, allow you to vary the integration time, acquire a spectrum and save the data.  The code for the minimal user interface can be found here.  It is intended to give users who wish to modify the code a starting point for an interface that works but is not crowded with unneeded features.

Video demonstrating calibration of the Teensy based spectrometer

This is a video demonstrating an interface that allows you to (1) assign a serial number to each of your Teensy based spectrometers, (2)  calibrate the intensity parameters for baseline and saturation light levels, (3) calibrate the wavelength axis.  The user interface can  write calibration constants into the instrument's non-volatile memory for further use.

Video demonstrating software and introducing our UV-vis lamp --Note 2---

This is an older video that shows a lot of the functionality that can be built into the instrument

Spectra in this video were recorded using an interface written for a spectrometer controlled by a Texas Instruments microcontroller, not a Teensy.


Notes about the user interfaces

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