Spectroscopy User Interface
-----Page under development, not everything is finalized (note 1)  -----

A spectrometer is a complex instrument with a number of applications.  Since different users will want to process data differently, no one user interface configuration will be ideal for all users.  We have developed a general usage interface that we feel is appropriate for solution phase absorbance spectroscopy. 

A brief Introduction video demonstrating a minimal user interface

This video introduces a minimal user interface that will connect to the Teensy based WheeTrometer, allow you to vary the integration time, acquire a spectrum and save the data.  The code for the minimal user interface can be found here.  It is intended to give users who wish to modify the code a starting point for an interface that works but is not crowded with unneeded features.

Video demonstrating our calibration software -----(note 2) -----

This is a video demonstrating an interface used to determine calibration constants for a spectrometer.  These constants include wavelength calibration, a hardware baseline adjustment, and a hardware intensity maximum adjustment.  The user interface can be used to write those constants into the instrument's non-volatile memory.

Video demonstrating software and introducing our UV-vis lamp --Note 2---

This is an older video that shows a lot of the functionality that can be built into the instrument


Note 1:  Some content refers to code written for a previous version of the WheeTrometer.

Note 2:  This content specifically was recorded using an interface written for a spectrometer controlled by a Texas Instruments microcontroller, not a Teensy.