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Spectrometer Firmware

Downloading and installing firmware

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the software, create a folder called WheeTrometerTeensy and move all of the .ino programs into it.  You should then be able to open it up in Arduino.  The top of your Arduino sketch should look like the figure to the left:  There should be five tabs.  If there are not five tabs, your sketch will not compile.

This page discusses the firmware (microcontroller code) for the Teensy based WheeTrometer.

Our most recent firmware is found on our GitHub page: link  Download the firmware from the main repository page by clicking on the green "code" button and selecting Download Zip (figure to right).

To upload or modify the firmware you will need to the Arduino development environment with the Teensyduino plugin.

The WheeTeensy firmware was written by modifying the flex pwm program of NTyrell found here:

If you really want to get into the weeds with the code, you can access the reference manual for the microprocessor here.


Video showing pulse timing that control the instrument

The video to the right shows oscilloscope traces for the ICG, SH and clock pulses that control the CCD.  Also shown are the timing pulses for the chip select and SPI clock pins for the ADC.

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