Pardon the somewhat rough look and feel of this web site.  I'm still working on it.  Truth be told, I would much rather be working to develop projects.

Smoky Mountain Scientific

Modular, Low cost, open-source instrumentation.

Free, open-source software including Graphic User Interfaces.

For chemistry education and environmental monitoring. 

Real scientific instrumentation at an affordable price.

NOTE:  As of May 2022, I will be quitting my day job to concentrate on developing Smoky Mountain Scientific.   This is an exciting development and I look forward to providing the scientific and educational communities with better products and services.

Software including graphic userinterface can be freely downloaded from our GitHub site.

Low cost datalogger.  Technology developed for the datalogger was incorporated into our automatic titrator


Syringe pump mechanical hardware and software are available / electronics, automated valving hardware and software.  See our automated titrator, the Titraumatic