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Smoky Mountain Scientific

   In May 2022, I quit my day job to concentrate on Smoky Mountain Scientific.  Things are going slowly but moving forward.

Ok, I got sidetracked but now I am back on the path.

Right now I am working on the next iteration of the WheeStat potentiostat. I am working on getting the user interface updated and also developing a new prototype refined.  I hope to have the new prototype and user interface ready by fall 2023.

Modular, Low cost, open-source instrumentation.  Free, open-source software including Graphic User Interfaces.  For chemistry education and environmental monitoring.  Real scientific instrumentation at an affordable price.


Software including graphic userinterface can be freely downloaded from our GitHub site.

Low cost datalogger.  Technology developed for the datalogger was incorporated into our automatic titrator


Syringe pump mechanical hardware and software are available / electronics, automated valving hardware and software.  See our automated titrator, the Titraumatic

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