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Replacing the microcontroller board on your instrument

OK, so you damaged the microcontroller board on your WheeStat, probably by trying to plug in the usb cable upside down or trying to use the wrong style of usb cable, or perhaps you were fooling around under the hood and fried the electronic some how. Anyway, the microcontroller is now toast and you need to replace it. I will, of course sell you a new board with the firmware flashed on, but I don't really want to. To keep from having to do this, I will charge you more for the board than I think it is worth. As an alternative, you can do this repair yourself and I will provide support to help you.

The part you need is called a Tiva C Launchpad development board. There are a few models to chose from and you want the one with the TM4C123GXL microcontroller. Mouser sells these for $12.99 USD. If the following link does not work, just go to and search for "Launchpad". Here is the link:

To flash the firmware onto the microcontroller, you will need the program Energia, which you can download for free from Once you open the Energia program, you can use that to open the firmware file that is on the usb memory device that came with the potentiostat. On the usb memory will a folder called "MicrocontrollerSourceCode". Inside that folder will be a folder called "WheestatE_7c" which will have a file called "WheestatE_7c". Opening that file you should see ten tabs with code. If you do not see a bunch of tabs in the program, let me know. If you dont have the usb drive with the program, you can get it from our GitHub page (see our Hacking page).

In Energia, you will need to specify the kind of microcontroller board you have. You will need to go to the tools menu and select "board". I think you will get a message box at this point that will allow you to download a file that will allow you to work with the Launchpad Tiva C TM4C123 (80 MHz).

Once you have specified the version of the board, you need to specify the com port that your board is connected to. You do this through the tools menu by selecting "Serial Port".

After you have connected to the microcontroller, click on the upload button in the upper left corner of the Energia user interface to upload the firmware.


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